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  1. One more question! I have the drive in an external enclosure and I'd like to try to get my data off it before I RMA. What's the best way to do this? Should I readd it to the pool and then remove it properly (it couldn't evacuate the drive) or is there an easy way to "merge" the files that are on the disk with my pool (keeping the destination files in case of a conflict)?
  2. Alright, makes sense to me. Thank you very much.
  3. My scanner started to report some unreadable sectors on a drive and then I started to get a very high number of read errors on the same drive in my Windows Event Log. After a reboot the system came up very slowly and then was reported as "missing" in drive pool. I removed the drive (from drive pool and physically) and connected it to another machine to run the HGST Drive Tool (WinDFT) on the drive before I send it for RMA. When I ran the tool I did a full surface scan and the tool reports the drive as having no errors. Is it possible the scanner was wrong? Could this have been a cable or controller issue? Something on the PC itself? Or is is possible that the HGST tool is less conservative in what it considers to be a "good" drive. I don't want to put the disk back into my server just to have a problem again. Keep in mind that this disk is under a year old.
  4. OK, looks like the beta version fixed the issue. Thanks!
  5. I've added a new drive to my pool and I'd like to spread the files in the pool over to the new drive. I realize this isn't the default behaviour so I've added the "Disk Space Equilizer" balancer into my system. At the moment it's the only balancer I have enabled and the system STILL isn't moving the files (and therefore balancing the space). Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Is there a log or something that I can check to see why it's ignoring the only balancer present?
  6. It seems to me it would make sense to do it for all providers. Is there a disadvantage for other providers if they were to use it?
  7. I want to test out CloudDrive but I'd like to be on a stable (RC?) version before giving it a go. Are we getting close to a release for this? How stable is the product? It seems to have been in beta for a long time so I'm a little worried that it's buggy.
  8. I upgraded to the latest beta and that seems to have addressed the issue. Not sure why, but I don't see it "checking" anymore. Thanks for the help.
  9. I keep,getting reports that new drives are being added to the server. These appear to be Hyper-V images that are being mounted so server backup can back them up. Would adding these drives to the system (and not the pool) cause a recheck? I'll try some upgrades.
  10. I'm using DP on a new Windows 2012 R2 Essentials install. My DP is which, I believe, is the latest official release. I've noticed that every time I go into the Dashboard it says that DrivePool is "checking". These checks take a long time and appear to use a fair bit of disk throughput to complete so I'm wondering why they a happening all the time. My previous install (I just rebuilt the OS) didn't seem to do this although maybe I missed it. Any suggestions?
  11. Have you considered the new service from BackBlaze: https://www.backblaze.com/b2/cloud-storage.html They are cheaper than Amazon but supposed to be as robust.
  12. jjross

    Hard Links?

    The thread must be PlexPass only. An FAQ would probably be enough.
  13. I just purchased a new board for my Windows Server 2012 install. I plan on hosting a Drivepool arry and the machine will mainly be used for Plex. The machine has been running well but I'm wondering if I should install the native chipset / SATA drivers. I've read a few threads that indicate that the drivers can have a large impact on the performance of the array but I don't really want to add any additional "failure" points. So, are the default Microsoft AHCI drivers good enough or should I install the AMD driver package?
  14. jjross

    Hard Links?

    I'm happy to link to the thread: https://forums.plex.tv/index.php/topic/114192-metadata-images-not-loading/ I'm wondering if it's possible to make a note that Plex Metadata store is not supported on the pool. It'll help save people time if they decide to move things (if you have a large library it can take HOURS to move over). Thanks for the help. PS: I don't believe I was speaking with a developer.
  15. jjross

    Hard Links?

    According to the Plex team they DO use some sort of linking tech: "What sort of drive did you put the content on? Is it perhaps something using drive-spanning? Some drive-spanning implementations apparently have trouble with symlinks/hardlinks, which are required by Plex Media Server for the metadata. There are also some filesystems that have trouble with (or don't support) them, so you might want to check the filesystem if you're not using NTFS for the drive." They also said: "I've never actually heard of this sort of thing described as "reparse points". Interesting. Anyway, I believe that the metadata bundles do use hardlinks as you mentioned." So it looks like hard links might be as play here. Is there a command to check for them? As soon as I moved my plex data folder off the pool everything worked correctly so there must be something going on here.
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