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  1. Shane, I just wanted to jump in and thank you for the reference to FreeFileSync. I have been using another file backup/cloning tool for years. One of my backup sets of over 200,000 files was taking well over 5min to do the source/dest compare before the backup copy operation. FreeFileSync takes 3 seconds and that's not even using parallel operations that their donation edition supports. Still trying to figure out how they do the compare so fast as I see no resident process doing compare stuff in the background...Anyway, very happy with it. Thanks.
  2. I'd like to compare the (SSD) file open/read performance of existing files on DrivePool and non-DP volumes. Reason is that in the music composition forum where I posted my DP config I had a reply from a past DP user who claimed they got slow load times compared to when they went back to a non-DP file structure. What read-only disk test program does anyone recommend that can do a open-and-read test on multiple existing files? I'd like to do the comparison myself and then share results on the other forum. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Shane for confirming DrivePool was the source and thanks VapechiK for the solution. I set the "BitLocker_PoolPartUnlockDetect" override value to False and after a reboot all the pings were gone. For what it's worth the only reason I noticed this is that I wasn't seeing the external (backup) drive going into standby power mode so I started to look for reasons. Power mode is still active but I think Hard Disk Sentinel's SMART poll may be keeping that drive alive. Not a big deal now that the pings are gone.
  4. New DrivePool user here. Have 2 SSD-based DrivePools, one (fast, 2 internal SSDs, 4TB tot) for working files, another (slower, external 2TB SSD to start) for backups. Running Win10Pro on a fast Dell Optiplex 5000 / 64G ram. DrivePool is working great but now I'm seeing something I had not noticed before: some process is hitting EVERY DISK in the system, including the DrivePool disks, every 5 seconds with a short "ping-style" read (see attached). These reads happen to every drive, SSDs, DrivePool drives, and 2 external USB drives. This may not be a direct DrivePool issue but I'm not sure yet. Disabling Win Defender has no effect. I have tried with Task Mgr+Resource Monitor as well as Process Explorer to isolate the Win process that is hitting a specific idle drive but those tools won't drill down on processes to just a single disk. Any ideas? Thanks much.
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