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  1. No problem! Actually, since posting, I've made a few changes and the problem seems to have gone away. While I'm not sure exactly what solved the problem, I can at least describe the changes in case anyone has a brainwave! I replaced a disk that seemed to be reallocating a lot of bad sectors (6000+ before I pulled it) according to SMART readings. I cloned the disk offline and added the new disk back into the pool, which was seamless and has never failed me! I ran a check -a -d <diskname> and only found one small text file that had an issue. (Phew! ...it seems the bad sec
  2. Hi I have a strange issue where Drivepool is unable to move files to meet my file placement rules, despite there being ample free space on all disks. My configuration is really simple: No duplication Each directory in my root folder is manually set to be placed on 1 or 2 of my 7 disks. I want to keep related files together (e.g. videos, music, work projects, photo albums, etc) Balancing settings in attachment - no auto balancing (as I use Snapraid and don't want files moving all the time) Only using Ordered File Placement balancer that only controls New file pl
  3. Anyone know how I can raise a bug report somewhere that the dev(s) will notice? This is infuriating and I'm close to ditching DrivePool completely. Unrelated issue, I'm also having a problem where new files copied to the pool drive on my server are not visible on other PC connected to the network share until reboot or the network card is reset. The latter is rare (usually when server is online for 40+ days) but the main issue I reported here is consistent regardless.
  4. Hi there Thanks for your responses. I've been away form home for a while, so just picking this up now. I can confirm that the setting you mention is already set to "true" so I would anticipate the the behaviour should not be as I'm observing. I can confirm that the Last Modified timestamp for a folder in my pool is that of the first instance of that folder in my disk pool if you enumerate pool parts in the order that disks appear in the pool. For example, if I have a folder called "Test" spread across Disks 1, 2, 3 and 6 by file placement rules with the following last modified t
  5. Thanks for pointing out the error. Of course, I meant "are not" detected on a forced scan. I have edited the post accordingly. Nope. Subsonic is definitely pointing at the pooled drive, not one of the specific disks within it. Checked, double-checked and triple-checked.
  6. Hi there I've been using Drivepool for a couple of years now and it's been really stable and has generally great. However, I have noticed an issue over the past few months in relation to file watches. Specifically, in relation to Subsonic server that is running on my machine. The scenario is as follows: I have 7 data disks in my pool and most of my music collection is placed only on disk 1, as per a file-placement rule (see attached screenshot). Subsonic (which is a Java application) has code that keeps a watch on the filesystem so that when new music files are added into my musi
  7. It depends on the controller used in the external drive housing. I've found several times that drives formatted while in the enclosure do not show up as expected in Windows once shucked and connected directly to SATA. My advice is to shuck the drive first, reformat directly in your OS and then use. This would be best whether you're intending to use Drivepool or not.
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