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    Christopher (Drashna)

    Surface scan and SSD

    Saiyan, No. The surface scan is read only. The only time we write is if we are able to recover files, after you've told it to. The same thing goes with the file system check. We don't alter any of the data on the drives without your explicit permission. And to clarify, we don't really identify if it's a SSD or HDD. We just identify the drive (using Windows APIs). How we handle the drive doesn't change between SSD or HDD. And in fact, because of what Scanner does, it doesn't matter what kind of drive it is because we are "hands off" with your drives. Grabbing the information about the drives and running the scans are all "read only" and doesn't modify anything on the drives. The only time we write to the drives is when you explicitly allow it (repair unreadable data, or fix the file system). And because we use built in tools/API when we do this, Windows should handle any "SSD" specific functionality/features. I just wanted to make this clarification, because you seem to be very hesitant about Scanner and SSDs. But basically Scanner itself doesn't care if the drive is a SSD or not, because nothing we do should ever adversely affect your SSD. Data integrity is our top priority, and we try to go out of our way to preserve your data.
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    Surface scan and SSD

    Hi Saiyan, I'm the developer. The Scanner never writes to SSDs while performing a surface scan and therefore does not in any way impact the lifespan of the SSD. However, SSDs do benefit from full disk surface scans, just like spinning hard drive, in that the surface scan will bring the drive's attention to any latent sectors that may become unreadable in the future. The Scanner's disk surface scan will force your SSD to remap the damaged sectors before the data becomes unreadable. In short, there is no negative side effect to running the Scanner on SSDs, but there is a positive one. Please let me know if you need more information.


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