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  2. I don't know why you saw so much memory usage on your first install of DrivePool. I have never seen anything like that. Is it possible that DrivePool was performing some intensive task at that moment? I am glad that Christopher was able to get you back on track and that things are going much better (normal) now. A long yellow bar usually means DrivePool activity or an error state - like duplication needs to be re-checked. The green bar usually means everything is OK with DrivePool and does not need any attention. If you have a green bar, then I don't understand why you would be looking
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  4. I made a BALANCING' change in 'DrivePool.OrderedFilePlacementPlugin' from 'new files only' to 'including existing files', or something like that. A long yellow bar appeared at the bottom of the screen. I clicked on 'Re-Balance' button on the side of the bar. Some activities appeared briefly, then the bar changed to green and Pool Organization label. It remained in this state for 4 - 5 hours now. Cancelletion option not visible anywhere. What would be appropriate next steps ? Thanks
  5. thanks for the reply ive opened a support ticket
  6. Good to know. Thanks Good to know. I use 2 x SSD as instructed for duplication feature. They are good for writing. Luckily, I have not had any failure yet. But sooner or later, there will be. My luck continues with the help of DP and people like you who are willing to share knowledge. Thanks I have Hard Disk Sentinel. I also spent days & weeks searching & reading the topic. Some gave scripts samples. Others gave links to Microsoft to read, and of course, to get more confusion. At the end, it is something like your suggestion would be the answer. I plan to system
  7. Just note that with a 3x10TB + 3x8TB setup, hieracrichal Pools will suffer a deadweight loss. Why? Because you can not create two non-duplicated Pools of the same size. So when you then create a Hierarchical Pool for duplication, it will see one 28TB and one 26TB drive and 2TB will be unusable. You don't happen to have a 2TB HDD lying around somewhere, do you? Edit: Of, should you have, say, a 6TB HDD, you could do 3x10 and 3x8+1x6TB.
  8. From what I have read, many people use PrimoCache without any problems. If you have lots of RAM, it just works better. PrimoCache lets you designate how much, if any, RAM and/or SSD you want to set aside for the cache/buffer. The free trial period is long enough to see if it works for you. I only run my own home systems, so third party apps is not as issue as it might be at the office. I am surprised to hear that DrivePool is taking up so much memory. I just checked my server's Task Manager and my DrivePool is reported as using only 40MB of memory. I have 8GB RAM, so no issue for me on my
  9. Well,I think I may know what is causing this. If this is a brand new release stable, we recently found a bug with the licensing that would make it appear to be working fine, while in fact it was on an expired trial license. Upating could produce this sort of issue. Reactivating should fix the issue. If this isn't the caes, or if you can't activate your license, head to https://stablebit.com/contact and we'll get you sorted out.
  10. Welcome! The util itself should have a good deal of documentation. So if you're not sure about it, run "dpcmd ignore-poolpart" with nothing else in the command.
  11. Last week
  12. COOL ! I'll try that. Thanks I've heard about PrimoCache and was tempted to try, but was reluctance to add third party apps. DP took a large percentage of memory on our server hence I nuked the installation & returned to 'storage spaces'. Since then, and with Christopher's options, I am trying again. If additional memory works, then I'm most happy. Well, 'storage spaces' does not return REAL serial numbers. I have 8 disks in the Pool. Get-Disk command returns 2 x SN 152D00539000. 2 x SN 152D00539001, 2x SN 152D00539002, 2 x SN 152D00539003. I guess that reflects the drives
  13. i was also getting an update was due but couldnt update as failed went onto cloud and showed one of the programs was out of date so downloaded latest beta from website
  14. @TPham You simply click the mouse and drag the cursor over the text you want to copy. The text should turn to blue background. When you get to the end of your selection, release the mouse and a popup box should appear "Quote selection". Click on the popup box and it will transfer that quote to your response box. Unlike Windows File Manager, you don't need a drive letter for DrivePool to see and list the drive. I just added another HDD to DrivePool this morning, without a Drive Letter, and all I had to do was simply click the add button on the Non-Pooled drives list on the DrivePoo
  15. @gtaus I'd love to know how to reply by sectional quotes as you and others did. Since I don't know how, I'm responding by the old numbering system, sorry. 1> 'Drive Letters had to go'. Agreed. How do you add the drives in DP without drive letters? Without drive letters, explorer won't show the drives, is that so? Can you give some samples how this could be done. In fact, I've been wondering about this subject, as there are only 23 letters left after A & B & D. 2> 'Duplication options better in DrivePool than Storage Spaces'. Agreed. I've thinking about organizing D
  16. +1 Have a similar problem with using the DrivePool GUI on one of my remote computers. Got the error message "Licence not Found/valid" despite DrivePool is up and running fine on the server. I have narrowed down my issue to having different DrivePool versions on the server and that remote computer, i.e. the server is running Version whereas the remote computer had the latest update. So, I tried to update my server with the latest version of DrivePool, but it does not auto update and when I click on force update check, it just says it will notify me but does not. So I'll have to
  17. hi there been working fine for years and today after a 8 month rest i powered up my home server with both product scanner and drivepool requiring an update carried out the update but licence details have gone copied and pasted my activation and get an error licence not found going onto stablebit cloud machine is showing and all seems ok but drivepool is showing no pool however my machine is showing a pool any ideas
  18. It should be in the system path, so you should be able to just run `dpcmd`, But keep in mind that you should be running it from an elevated command prompt or powershell. Specifically, it's dumped to "C:\Windows\System32\dpcmd.exe"
  19. @Tartifless Basically, go to add a new pool (the "+" at the top. You can add pools to that pool. So you could have a pool with the disk from one controller in a pool, the disks from the other controller in another pool, and then pool together those two pools. If you're using duplication, enable it on the top level pool, and you have a copy on each controller, basically. This isn't required, but it's not a bad idea, in case a controller fails.
  20. Thanks for the response, @Christopher (Drashna). I lsearched the tool online, and it says that the command line tools are built into DrivePool v2x, but I cannot find the tool. How do I access the DrivePool command line tools? I can't find it on the DrivePool GUI nor in the C:\Program Files\StableBit\DrivePool directory. Thanks.
  21. Thanks, i'll do that. Just for information, where in the balancing options can i do that (hierarchical pools usage) : i am in french so not easy to find. Anyway this will require a pool reorganization which might take some time as the 5 drive pool is made of 2x10TB + 3x8TB and is 80% full (a new 10TB drive is on order)
  22. I would just consider to split the 2x2 Pools so that each Pool has one drive on each adapter and perhaps split the 1x5 Pool into two and use Hierarchical Pools for duplication and have each underlying Pools' drives on seperate adapters. Why? Should one adapter fail then you can still access all files without having to connect all HDDs to the other adapter. Sure, you will do so anyway but at least you can now read before you do that.
  23. Honestly, it shouldn't matter too much. The drives aren't going to saturate the bus, so this wont make a different. For instance, each PCI-e card, assuming it's PCI-e 2.0 8-lane, that can support ~20 hard drives being saturated. And that you have 2, and even if the onboard sata ports were using just a single lane... You should have no problems here. (I'm using 24 drives on a single LSI SAS controller, and have had zero issues)
  24. Ignore Task Manager. 100% means 100% compared to the activity over the last 30-60 seconds. This could be 1GB/s, or 1B/s, because of this. So it's a VERY bad measure of activity. Using something that reports both speed *and* disk queue length. The Windows Resource monitor (run "resmon"), or even StableBit Scanner will show you a MUCH more reliable status of the drives. From there, if it's grinding to a halt, then open a ticket at https://stablebit.com/Contact so we can help you more directly, which may require private information.
  25. Hello team, I have a ws2016 machine with a gigabyte mobo with 6 sata ports and 2 pcie adaptec 6805 cards (8 port) full of drives. In total I have 19 drives in my machine. It includes 3 pools: 2 of 2 drives and one of 5 drives, all have duplication enabled. I was wondering what is the best in terms of performance ? Should drives from a same pool be placed on the same controller or on different controllers ? What would the pros and cons be ?
  26. I imagine should also state that I am on Drivepool v and scanner (which just said it has an update) v I have confirmed the drive is not being scanned by scanner when the problem is manifesting. No antivirus software other than whatever comes with Windows 10 as standard.
  27. Hi, a question. I am running drivepool on a Windows 10 machine. Used for many years on various machines, this is only a month or long install so far. I don’t change any settings from standard, no plugins or anything. I do also run scanner together with drivepool on the machine. I am encountering a problem with 1 drive a Seagate 14tb Ironwolf Pro. It is 1 month old, stablebit scanner reports no surface problems and no current smart warnings, it is worth mentioning I guess surface was last scanned 29 days ago. Additionally all checks from Seagate tools reports no problems / all passes inclu
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