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Force a complete rebalance


Sorry if this has been asked before, I did do a search.

Looking at the attached pic [drivebalance], is there a way to rebalance the whole pool so that the same percentage of space is used up across all disks post-disk replacement?

I had one disk fail and another that was near failure so was able to move data off the one and my backups helped for the failed one but the pool is now geographically dispersed for lack of a better term. Prior to the disk failures the same percentage of duplicated and unduplicated was spread across each disk.

My balancing settings are in the pic [balancesettings].









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That's normal in this case.


By default, StableBit DrivePool puts new files on the disk with the most avilable free space. After time, this equalizes the disk space between all of the disks. 


However, if you want to force this behavior immediately, then download the "Disk Space Equalizer" balancer plugin, and enable it. This will force StableBit DrivePool to equalize the usage between all of the disks.


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Yes and no.

It really depends on what you mean here.



But specifically, this is the default strategy. The SSD Optimizer and the Ordered File Placement Balancer plugins both change this default strategy. 

The SSD Optimizer places the files on a "landing zone" and them move them off of the disks. 

The Ordered File Placement balancer fills up one (or two, with duplication) disks at a time.


However, you can use the "Disk usage limiter" to block files from being placed on a disk at all.


And you can use the file placement rules (only in StableBit DrivePool 2.X) to place specific files or folders on specific hard drives.

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