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Scanner Loses Track of Progress



I'm using a Mediasonic 8-bay JBOD usb enclosure via USB 2.0 with 8 3TB hard drives.


Yesterday night one of the drives was being scanned automatically by the scanner in the background, and I noted before rebooting the computer that the progress was at 44% complete.


Then I checked the progress after rebooting, and the drive showed up as "not checked". I looked at the disk sectors map and all of the blocks were grey. (I checked all 8 of the drives to make sure I was looking at the right one.)


The scanner program did save the status of the other drives in this JBOD enclosure, though. One of them was fully complete and showing up as "Healthy". The other was about 1.5% complete and "waiting to scan" before I rebooted, and after the reboot it still showed up as 1.5% complete. The remaining 6 all show up as "this drive has never been checked for problems", which is not true.


But the drive that was being scanned when I rebooted lost all of it's progress. (about 12 hours worth of scanning.)


I should also mention that there are an additional 6 hard drives that are connected to my motherboard which are scanned, and all are showing up as "healthy" even after reboots. It's just the drives in the JBOD enclosure which are currently being scanned which is losing it's progress upon a reboot.


I'm afraid to reboot again for fear of losing the progress on the drive that's currently being scanned.


What can I do?

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Normally, StableBit Scanner is very good about keeping track of the disks, and remembering the scanning progress.


However, there are a few situations where this may not happen properly.

Are these disks initialized and partitioned? If not, then this can happen, as there isn't' a good way to identify the disks.

If they are initialized, check the "Disk Details" in StableBit Scanner. Make sure that the disk has a signature that isn't just a bunch of zeros.  

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All disks are initialized and simple partitioned. The "disk details" for each drive reports a string of numbers and letters. (not all 0's)


I found that if I manually "stop scan" before restarting, that saves the progress of all disks.


However, I only had the problem happen once, and I haven't tried rebooting without manually stopping the scan first since then, so it could be one of those fluke problems that only happens once.


I'll make another post if something similar happens again.

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