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Missing disks in DrivePool?



I have 11 disks in this pool. 3x4TB SSHD's, 2x3TB HDD's, and 6x256GB SSD's. None of these disks are given drive letters, and instead are connected directly to the Pool.

I recently purchased a new HBA (m1015, cross-flashed to 9211-IT mode) and reconnected all the disks successfully. Everything was running great, and I was getting ready to rename the disks in the Disk Manager to reflect their physical connections.


Upon doing that, I noticed some disk duplication in the DrivePool (eg. The pool was showing duplicates of the same disk, new name non-pooled with old-name pooled). So, I thought I could just remove the old names, then go back and re-add the new names. Oh man, was I wrong. After doing that, DrivePool stopped even seeing two of the SSD's. Disk Manager sees them just fine; so does Scanner, Diskpart and CrystalMark. In fact, everything sees them just fine, except DrivePool.


Anyone know of a way to get them back in there? Hopefully there's a quick way to resolve. I'd hate to have to blow these disks away, Diskpart/clean them and re-create them into the pool.



AHA!! I just found what went wrong in the FAQ! (kinda). Apparently, when I removed the disk in DrivePool via the link, I told it "that the disks weren't coming back"..... They still have data on them that hadn't yet duplicated to the archive disks (per the FAQ and settings in the Balancers).. That's kind of a stupid feature if you can't just snap them back in. The only thing I see immediately that references such a thing is here. Is this what I am experiencing? Is "erasing the DrivePool metadata" still a work-around? Has this been fixed in the past 3½ years?

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Unfortunately, sometimes swapping controllers can cause problems. :(

Normally, it doesn't, but sometimes it can cause the disk to be identified as a different disk, which is the problem that DrivePool is apparently having.


Renaming the volumes, or mounting to a folder should not impact StableBit DrivePool at all. In fact, we basically ignore that information for identifying the disks.

However, if you have resized the partition, it could cause problems.



As for the link you've posted, it's for a very old version of StableBit DrivePool. 


Could you grab the logs from the system?


Namely, just do steps #6-8.


The quickest solution would be to reset the settings, and see if that helps:



If that doesn't help... you can rebuild the pool manually (not fun, but it will work).

  1. You'll need to mount the drives to a letter or folder path to do this, though.
  2. Stop the StableBit DrivePool service (run "services.msc" to do this).
  3. Open a disk, and find the hidden PoolPart folder. 
  4. Move the contents of the folder to the root of the drive.
  5. Delete the now empty PoolPart folder.
  6. Repeat Steps #3-5 for each disk in the pool.
  7. Start the StableBit DrivePool service.
    It may take a minute, but it should remove the now empty pool.
  8. Add all of the disks to a pool.
  9. Stop the StableBit DrivePool service, again.
  10. Move the contents back into the newly created PoolPart folders, for ALL of the disks
  11. Start the service again, and then run the "Remeasure" option.

This will rebuild the pool, and should maintain all of your data and duplication status. 

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Interesting... Success!!!!


So I tried the first of the two provided methods, and at least DrivePool identifies the two missing disks. Awesome! Then, I re-added them and the pool re-measures. The correct volume size was then listed (17.8TB). The unfortunate bit was that all data listed on the SSD's was listed as "Other" data. That sucked, because I know some of that data isn't being listed in the pool exists in that "Other" data.


I then mounted one of the previously missing disks as a drive letter and browsed the PoolPart folder (as suggested in the latter aforementioned steps). BEHOLD! My data! Curiously though, there were TWO PoolPart folders. I'm certain this happened when they became disconnected, then re-added to the pool.


So, just to be safe, since I knew all my data was in-tact I figured I'd give your second process a go. After a few tedious bits I recreated the pool and everything is back up and working normally. YAY!


Drashna, you are my hero of the day, once again!
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