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Curious about consequences of re-adding a drive with existing poolpart folder



So this is my first rodeo with any drive pooling solution, and with snapraid, and with an external chassis.  i've been sort of learning as i go.  In my time with the new setup/config ive upgrade and replaced several drives.   I've been taking the ones that were just upgrades and bagging em with the power on days and date of purchase and taking the ones i replaced due to age and/or errors and adding the error count to the former info.

what I have not been doing (perhaps unfortunately?) is formatting them before I pull them.  meaning the ones that were simply size upgrades but had lower power on hours and no errors I could potentially use as replacements for failures down the road.   backups if you will.  I also have some very small drives (2tb) that have no errors I could take one of my cold 10 or 12tb and decide to add in for more space at any point.

the problem is those drives I pulled that are otherwise good, have existing poolpart folders.  its my understanding those will be picked up by drivepool the minute I connect them to the pc?  this would result in data being added to the pool that is redundant with what is on the drive that it was replaced by.

I have no idea what the consequence of this would be?  files with something appended?  overwrites? errors?  how would i avoid this or remedy whatever havoc it would wreak?  Is my only option should I decide to use one of them again either A) connect it in another pc to erase it first or b) connect it to my main pc but disable the drivepool service when I do until I format it? 

Just looking for some insight so when that day inevitably comes I know what I'm getting into ahead of time. 

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