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Performance monitoring not working in Windows 19 Server



Hi. Recently installed Windows 19 Server on my new(ish) server. I've had a lot of problems with it with Windows 10, so I decided I'd try something more suitable since it's a server board, and it doesn't have a TPM so I went for Win 19 as I felt the earlier, albeit should work faster, but a bit old by now.

This is the first time in about 2 years now since last I ran that OS, and I had that for almost a year and bit by bit you get things working the way you want it to.

But, back then I didn't run DrivePool, so I never noticed a similar behavior.

First off, for some reason, the arrow (to expand) for "Performance" is closed after each reboot (Windows 10 left it open), which to me is a sign that something's wrong.

Secondly, the graphics area that normally shows disk activity is basically blank, and there's the animated throbbing bar which usually indicates it's attempting to retrieve data, but nothing ever happens, just grows and shrinks, grows and shrinks forever.

I'm thinking it's dependent on a non-working service or some API-thing that's broken/misconfigured or something, question is what?

Was previously annoyed by the default setting for task manager not showing the disk activity, and that was simple to fix with the "diskperf -Y" so that wasn't related (I think..?)

I think MS have quite funny ideas what's important for server administrators vs. desktop users. A number of things comes to mind, this with disk monitoring being one of many, others include fluff-graphic settings, hidden files/folders as default.

But, on the other hand, Windows Defender is quite relaxed, no alarms that goes off like a crazy hamster on crack just for disabling something. Still annoying, but better.

Otherwise, DrivePool seem to be working as it should. It does it's balancing and all that I've set it to do. It's just that I miss being able to see which files are being used on which drive.

Regarding the "Warning!"  on the image I attached- I've got a replication problem with the \System Volume Information\WPSettings.dat file and it's not related in any way I think.

DrivePool is mongoloid.png

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Ok. I ran those commands, but it'll yet be a while until I can reboot the computer. No error messages or anything.

I assume that any message other than


Info: Successfully rebuilt performance counter setting from system backup store

would mean success and no need to re-run "lodctr /r" as stated (without any further explanation why it might be required or if there's any errors that could/would occur) in the guide?

"lodctr /e:PerfDisk" didn't yield any message at all.

No change by just running them. I'll get back with an update once I restart it.


I did however try to restart the services for drivepool in hopes that it would trigger something, but nothing happened except that it did a remeasure again.

I also took a peek at (running) services and found that PerfHost (<-Found this in Task manager) (Performance Counter DLL Host <-Service manager said this too wasn't running) wasn't running, which I would assume has something to do with it, as well as "Performance Logs & Alerts"

Meanwhile; Any thoughts about why the DrivePool software can't remember to expand the "Performance" view after I selected it and closed down the window?
It did that in previous installs.

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Ok. Bumping this thread.


I have restarted the machine, several times actually.

No change and it still wobbles back & forth trying to access that data.

I'm not sure what's wrong with the computer. I have had a few crashes and I can't determine the cause. It leans towards the Default or Standard AHCI-driver provided with Windows, but I'm not seeing anything that specifies that. I recently changed that driver to a vendor-specific one, and then yesterday changed back to the Windows-driver after getting reboots out of the blue.

Also found something in the logs regarding that perhost, but the title was sligthly different, graph-something I think it was, and it made sense that perhaps it's tied to this service that apparently won't kick off. It's starting alright, no errors.

I think my installation is screwed and if this sh!t keeps up, I'm scrapping Windows 19 server and run something else.

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Ok, not much response here.


It's all right (although it's not really!), for some mongoloid reason it's working now. I updated the software (didn't say anything else than minor updates, nothing that would explain my issue and why it suddenly started working), and I didn't restart for several days after that until a few hours ago.

I had some lag, probably due to a bad drive (Sector errors and for some weird reason it slows down the whole port (using port multipliers) which makes the system slow.

That's what I think was happening though.


Anyway, things are back to normal, at least as far as DrivePool's concerned.

It even remembered state of the performance tab, and I closed the program with it active, and it started with it as such, like before.

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