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Erroneous overheating warnings


I am consistently getting warnings about overheating USB drives that are plugged into my N54L

One example is shown below. It is obviously incorrect as the drive is cool to the touch.

StableBit Scanner Heat Warning on "SHREDDER". One or more disks are overheating:
  • Seagate Expansion USB Device - 145˚C (Maximum 54˚C)
    • Model: ST1000LM010-9YH146
    • Serial number: ****


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That's entirely normal for the external USB drives. And by normal, I mean that they run hot and will hit this warning.


There are two things you can do:

  • Open up Disk Settings" for the USB drive, and change it's temperature warning threshold. Or, 
  • Open up Scanner Settings, open up the "Heat" tab
    From here, you can increase the max temperature, or:
    either disable the Warning threshold, or change the threshold to a smaller value.
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