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Upload / Download Throttling - System Level (across all cloud Drives)


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Hi, Question around Upload/ Download Throttling options. I know I can set the Download Throttling and Upload Throttling per CloudDrive, but I can't find any way to set a throttle for my system as a whole. Does the feature exist and I just haven't found the settings? Or is this a feature request to make?

I've tried to balance my configuration so that my system can't ever max out my internet connection, however I have to effectively set a throttle number that is even across all drives so that cumulatively if all the drives are busy it doesn't max the connection. But this is unfortunate because often I'll just have a burst of reads or writes on a single drive that could benefit from the higher total available bandwidth that the other drives are not using in that same moment.

Don't get me wrong the current settings are great for some use cases (where you need to throttle a connection because the cloud provider wants you too) but it's not great if you are trying to make the most efficient use of your internet connection across all cloud drives you create.

My thought is that things would be way more efficient if one could just set your up / down throttle for all cloud drives and distribute that bandwidth as needed across all the drives on the system. Then if all the drives are idle but one that one's communications can leverage all assigned bandwidth.

Thanks for any info.

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