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ordered file placement balancer behavior



i was wondering if this is the behavior that the ordered file placement balancer is meant to have. let's say you have 3 disks (A, B, C) and you have the plugin set so that it fills it up in this order B, C, A. the balancer works fine unless you have "allow balancing plug-ins to force immediate balancing enabled. if that part of settings is enabled then it will fill the disks up in this order B, A, C. with that option disabled the balancer works as intended. this is all fine and dandy until you want to also use the stablebit scanner plugin which requires that option to be enabled.

edit* i forgot to add that automatic balancing is set to "balance immediately" and balancing ratio is set to 100%

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8 hours ago, Christopher (Drashna) said:

Do you have duplication enabled on the pool, by chance? 

I do have duplication enabled. Can you explain how having it enabled would change the plugin behavior?

I didn't think that duplication would impact the file transfers that I am doing because:

1. I am duplicating a folder, not the whole drive.

2. The files I'm transferring that are being impacted are not being copied into the folder with duplication.

3. The duplicated folder is assigned to drives X & Z which are outside the drives we are talking about (A, B & C)

4. I do have the option enabled that makes balancing plugins respect file placement rules, but again I don't think that should impact what we are discussing because the only file placement rule I have is for the duplicated folder. 

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