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Scanner issues


So yesterday one of my drives started getting flagged as having unreadable sectors. I did a full scan with HD tune and also did a full disk check with the windows utility, and selected for it to check for bad sectors, etc. So both options were checked. That ran for 15 hours. (Its a 4 Tb drive) and it finally came up finding nothing wrong with the drive.


I then looked at the smart data within the scanner program and it shows ok as well.


I attached what I am seeing.



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I'm very sorry for missing this!!


To clear the issues, select the drive in question in StableBit Scanner, and click on the "+" next to the drive.

This should show the volume map of the drive. On the left side, there should be a few buttons. Find the one with the green circle with a yellow arrow in it. Click on it and select "marked damaged sectors as unchecked".


This will cause the drive to rescan the selected sectors, based on the schedule settings. 

If they come back, then there may be an issue with the disk or possibly with the cable/controller.

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