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Building a New Server


I'm currently building a new server based off different hardware. I currently have my DrivePool configured perfect for me, but have a question about moving the drives.


One of my drives is the C: partition and in the DrivePool, so I understand that I will have to remove it from the DrivePool. For the other drives, do I need to turn off duplication and remove them from the pool to be able to move them?

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Ideally, yes, remove the system disk from the Pool. 


Once you've done that.... no need to do anything else to the other drives, other than moving them over.

Once they're in the new system, and DrivePool is installed, it will recognize the pooled disks and recreate the pool automatically. 

No need to turn off duplication (it will check on the new system, and report what it finds, basically), and no need to remove them from the pool.


If the new machine is going to be WHS2011, then you may want to download the WSS Troubleshooter and run the "Rebuild DrivePool Shares" option. 

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