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Scanning schedule questions

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I currently have 22 disks in my system, scanning every 30 days. However, because of the way Scanner runs, it does nothing for 28 days, then starts hammering all my disks in sequence for 2 days straight, every month. I can't figure out how to get my disks on a different schedule, so that every day, just 1 drive is hitting the scan schedule.

During the 2-3 days that scanning occurs, I have system stability issues, and I think that by forcing my schedule to be less intense all at once every month, I can reduce/eliminate that stability issue.

Is there a way to force a scan, even if one is not due yet, to reset the timer on that drive? Or, just to reset the timer on a drive without a scan?

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This depends on a number of factors, but over time, it should do this, actually.

Specifically, by default, StableBit Scanner should only be scanning one disk per controller.  If you have multiple controllers, then that will increase the number of drives that scan at one time.  

Also, make sure that you have enable the throttling options that you want.  You can see these here: 

Also, the heat tab in the settings have some additional settings that may help: 


But if you set a work window, that will reduce the amount of time that the drives can be scanned, and will help spread out when the drives get scanned, over the course of the month.   

And this is because, the 30 days isn't from the last time it was scanned, it was from the last time a specific region of each drive was scanned. 

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