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Re-installed OS - now have 2 virtual disks??


Hey there,


  I have recently had to re-install my OS. Upon booting up - i now have 2 virtual disks which are my drivepools? I have reinstalled drivepool program and the drives are fine/balanced etc... but i have a crazy slow boot up time and i am sure these "virtual disks" are a cause - i never had them when i first set up the drivepools. It says on device manager that these 2 disks need troubleshooting and the driver cannot be found. I can also eject these drives too which is a bit weird...


Is this a problem i can rectify?? I did re-install the OS with all the drives plugged in which i am sure hasnt helped. I dont really want to reinstall for the 6th time now (dont ask!) - so what are my options to get rid of the virtual disks please?? - and see if they are the ropot cause of some of my issues...




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The pools showing up as removable disks have been there for a while and should be fine.


However, the taking a while to start-up is definitely not normal. However, the removable disk entries should not be causing that though.

Could you enable boot logging and send us the logs? That should help identify what the issues is here.




Also, do you have any antivirus or disk tools (degragmentation, or imaging/backup) installed? 

These can cause issues with DrivePool and cause the system to take longer to boot.

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