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SSD Keeping Duplicated Files



I have an 80GB SSD and 8 1.5TB drives in my pool. The SSD is also my OS drive so I want to just use it for initial writes, but I expect DrivePool to balance the pool out by eventually moving the files to two of the spinners. I only have about 20GB free on the SSD normally which puts it right at the 72% limit that I have on the drive for new file placement. The problem is that a few older files have one of their copies sitting on the SSD taking up space so DP thinks that there is no room to put new files on the SSD. The other drives are all set to 0% for new file placement, but when I move new files to the pool I can see that only the big drives are active. How do I flush all files off of the SSD to make room for new files without removing and re-adding?

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Check the main balancer settings, and set the slider for the balancing ration to be closer to "100%". This will make DrivePool be a bit more vigorous about pushing files off of the drive.


Alternatively, if you do want to manually force files off of the disk (at least temporarily), the "Disk Usage Limiter" will do that, actually. Just uncheck both "Unduplicated" and "Duplicated" boxes on the disk in question. Once that's finished, check the boxes again.

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