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Version Doesn't Check for New Versions on my Windows 10 machine



I'm on version and have "Check for New Versions" selected.

Obviously, there have been several new versions, but I don't receive any notifications to update.

I've tried "Force update check now" which says if a new version is found, I'll get a notification to update.  I never get a notification.

StableBit DrivePool Notifications is running and enabled at Startup (per Task Manager). 

I don't have "Focus Time" enabled or anything I can see that would suppress notifications.

Yes, I can manually update the version, but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how I could get it back to checking for new versions automatically.

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Posted (edited)

Nice to see that the admins are really answering our questions... *Not*


Just noticed this myself, and I don't see any other alternatives, judging from this thread, than to download and install =0/

I currently have v2.2.5.1237, which is a bit newer than the OP, which bakes the noodle about how the upgrade function is supposed to work. Obviously something's either been overlooked, a server that's not responding correctly, or a series of flaws in the following updated versions.

Will test installation and see if it persists.

Only question is how long it will take for the next version to arrive. This site isn't exactly teeming with enthusiastic admins, again, judging from the forum activities.


Edit: For any admin reading this:
Future version should have a more prominent update progress, not just that it will notify "if" an update is available. That's just stupid.

Any other program, pretty much, does show progress, and potential problems with said checking of updates.

If an error occurs in communications, how the heck are we supposed to know that status? Are we just forced to traverse logs (Not checked this myself yet) to find any such problems, or are we just supposed to sit here like a deer in headlights on the road, waiting for something that might not happen?

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Adding a note to admins...
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