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  1. I'm on version and have "Check for New Versions" selected. Obviously, there have been several new versions, but I don't receive any notifications to update. I've tried "Force update check now" which says if a new version is found, I'll get a notification to update. I never get a notification. StableBit DrivePool Notifications is running and enabled at Startup (per Task Manager). I don't have "Focus Time" enabled or anything I can see that would suppress notifications. Yes, I can manually update the version, but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how I could get it back to checking for new versions automatically.
  2. Thanks Umfriend. That was the last bit I needed to know before giving this a go.
  3. Hi. I don't yet have DrivePool (yes, I know 30 day trial, but before I do...) but I was wondering how the folder structure looks when spread across multiple drives. For example, let's say I have an enormous photo collection (not pron!) stored in a pool that crosses 3 drives (let's call them Drive 1, Drive 2 and Drive 3). In the pool, I'm assuming a path might look something like this: P:\Photos\Vacations\US\2014\Hawaii\Pic0000000.jpg If this folder was spread over the 3 drives, would each drive look something like this? Drive 1 D:\Photos\Vacations\US\2014\Hawaii\Pic0000000.jpg D:\Photos\Vacations\US\2014\Hawaii\Pic0000077.jpg D:\Photos\Vacations\US\2014\Hawaii\Pic0000300.jpg Drive 2 E:\Photos\Vacations\US\2014\Hawaii\Pic0300000.jpg E:\Photos\Vacations\US\2014\Hawaii\Pic0000458.jpg E:\Photos\Vacations\US\2014\Hawaii\Pic0023415.jpg Drive 3 F:\Photos\Vacations\US\2014\Hawaii\Pic0300124.jpg F:\Photos\Vacations\US\2014\Hawaii\Pic0005710.jpg If this is the case, then if I removed a drive and looked at the contents, I wouldn't have all of the pictures, but I would have a structure according to my design and understandable to me as opposed to something cryptic like F:\asdfu4323jkasdf09234j5igdsa\Pic0005710.jpg Which scenario is the case (or is it something different altogether?)?
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