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SSD Optimizer not emptying my SSD's



For a month or two, this has all been working fine. I have a pool with 11 disks, 41.8TB total size. Two of the disks are SSDs of 2TB each. Starting 2 days ago I have a single file of about 270GB which stubbornly stays on just one of the SSD's. If I try a manual balance, it just calculates then stops. Service log shows the calculation yields a Balance Ratio of .9909 and the balancing setting is 90%. Is this expected behavior? I'm slightly worried that even if one of the SSD's was completely full, these settings would not generate a balance ratio below 90%


So two questions  a) "does fall below 90%" mean a balance ratio of less than .9000? and b) will a balance ratio of 100% force an SSD to empty?


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