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Plugins, for what I want do I need ordered file placement at the top or can it stay below scanner?



So at current, plans are no duplication and the filling of drives sequentially.  this is in no small part due to the fact that I will be using snapraid and dont want to be flinging things all over.

to accomplish this its my understanding I need to use the ordered file placement plugin.  I have one other plugin i see a whole lot of value in and thats the stablebit scanner plugin.   I'd like to have this around in case it detects a failing disk, for obvious reasons. 

my question is how to set the two up together.  Will scanner respect the rules in place by ordered file placement plugin?  I mean if all else fails having the data saved is my first priority.  I'd just prefer it be evacuated in sequential order if i could as opposed to flinging it wherever it deems. 

how do i accomplish this?  is it fine with scanner above OFP or do i need to move the latter atop the former?

second part of my question (as opposed to making another post lol) is it suggested to enable evacuation for SMART warnings and do those warnings include heat or just the major predictors of drive failure?  I certainly dont want any false/un-necessary evacuations and I noticed it isnt enabled by default.   is the damaged drives portion sufficient/a better indicator of impending doom? 

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