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BitFlock.com - Error updating your nest on the server


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For some time now, maybe a few weeks or maybe a couple months, I have been unable to update my nest or even create a new nest. I have run BitFlock_1_0_0_547U.exe on multiple machines, even fresh installations, and every one of them comes back with:


"There was an error updating your nest on the server."



I believe this problem has been further compounded, when it comes to how the StableBit Scanner connects to Bitflock.com.

StableBit Scanner is constantly is telling me:

"S.M.A.R.T. Failure"

"One or more disks are expected to fail within 24 hours."



When it believes one of my drives is about to fail, Reallocated Sectors Count is outside the normal range for the specified drive. The value for Reallocated Sectors Count is always zero. After opening the Smart settings for the drive in question and looking at the values for a bit, StableBit Scanner will update its assessment and magically the zero value is back in the normal range for the drive. This is happening periodically across all my drives.




I believe my StableBit Scanner issues in the same as http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/219-periodic-smart-info-warning/ but I have completely different drives that didn't give me problems 2 months ago.


I feel the issues with StableBit Scanner are ultimately issues with BitFlock.com


I have clicked the Update button at the bottom of Smart window, it does update the data, and returns the status to normal. I have also submitted to Bitflock.com for analysis and that was sucessful as well. Its given me an ID that I don't have a password to and therefore cannot check. I have done these steps and still, a few minutes later, the popup message will show up again for another drive on my machine.


When I run BitFlock_1_0_0_547U.exe /offlinesave it scans, I'm able to specify where to safe the file, and then the program errors.




I have run your BitFlock_1_0_0_547U.exe tool on 4 machine now. 3 out of the 4 machines work successfully!

I even have the same 4TB Seagate NAS drives in two of the other machines and they never give me false failure warning. Only the machine above seems to have issue services.

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For the "reallocated sector count" issue, could you set the "Smart_NoWmi" value to "True" and see if that helps?



On some disk/controller combinations, it exhibits this behavior...


As for the BitFlock issue, I believe it's related to the Scanner issue, but basically in the reverse way that you think. I suspect that it's errorring out because it's detecting an error, but the value is "0" and within acceptable limits. 

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