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Slow download speeds w/ Google Drive



Hi all,

Got a problem with slow download speeds on Google Drive. The issue arose as my hybrid pool in DrivePool was experiencing tremendously slow read activity, which was attributed to the cloud drive's slow read speed. Detaching the cloud drive from the hybrid pool resolved the problem.

On CloudDrive, I could hit close to 400mbps upload speed but download speeds are slow at < 50mbps (in most cases 1-2 threads @ 10mbps), despite increasing download threads and tweaking prefetch settings. This issue persists across multiple accounts, and alternative download methods (either via the hybrid pool drive, or the mounted cloud drive in Explorer).

It's also not an issue with my ISP. Tried downloading a file directly via the web browser and the official Google Drive software was fast. From what I see, CD continues to be pinning data - not sure if this is the reason? Also realised my cache size was set to 1GB (Expendable), have increased that to 30GB and monitoring.

Any suggestions on improving read speeds for the cloud drive?

Stablebit CloudDrive 1.20.1485 BETA
Stablebit DrivePool 2.30.1234 BETA


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I've got the same issue, downloads via CloudDrive just stop dead at random times and or fail to get anywhere close to 3-4MB\ Sec down. 
Browser downloads are just fine from the same source.

No option I can set in Clouddrive has a positive effect either, just negative.

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