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  1. Glad it fixes it for ya mate. Not sure why but glad it works
  2. Neither do I mate. From what I can tell that shuts does all access to Google drive and then gives access again. If you have the same error give it a shot.
  3. Disabled and re-enabled the main Google Drive API on the GSuite admin portal bud. https://console.developers.google.com/apis https://console.developers.google.com/apis/library?supportedpurview=project
  4. As a 'Have you tried turning it off and on again'. I disabled Google Drive API in the admin panel, then turned it back on. Now it works again.... Not sure why that would fix it but back to basics.
  5. Currently on Version with Autoupdate check enabled bud.
  6. Nope, was just looking at the GSuite admin portal. RClone can still upload\download just fine.
  7. Hi all. Everything was working but for the last 4 days, CloudDrive just doesn't want to do anything but generate internal errors. Can't attach Can't detach Upload Download The API has NOT been reached going off my admin panel nor is traffic blocked. I've reinstalled, Windows and the application multiple times, revalidated, tried to create a new drive, deleted drives and started again (So much data lost other errors ) This application works for a week then dies randomly. CloudDrive.Service.exe Information 0 [Main] StableBit CloudDrive
  8. Hi all. I've got a 10TB drive in GSuite that has the following details; NTFS Version : 3.1 LFS Version : 1.1 Number Sectors : 0x000000009fffeeff Total Clusters : 0x000000009fffeeff Free Clusters : 0x0000000009f31f08 Total Reserved : 0x0000000000000400 Bytes Per Sector : 4096 Bytes Per Physical Sector : 4096 Bytes Per Cluster : 4096 Bytes Per FileRecord Segment : 1024 Clusters Per FileRecord Segment : 0
  9. Just a quick question/request. The MB/Sec display for Drive Pool is for data incoming and outgoing of the pool. Can we/ is there one for data moving between disks within the pool (IE Balancing speed MB\Sec)
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