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All pools gone and became "COVECUBECoveFs" after WIndows 11 upgrade



Stupid me, I automatically assumed that DrivePool will work on Windows 11.

After clicking on "Upgrade to Windows 11" last night when I was really tired, I woke up to a rude awakening this morning to find that all my DrivePools have been replaced with a cryptic "COVECUBEcoveFS____"

I am seriously panicking right now because I have no access to all my pools but at least Windows > Disk Management still shows all my drives as connected and Poolpart folders on each drive are still present. Just hoping they are not wiped.

What can I do to resuscitate Drivepool? Covecube team or anyone else, help!


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While waiting for someone to reply, I am digging around and noticed in Troubleshooting > Service Log , there is a "warning" line


0:01:11.6: Information: 0 : [Disks] Updating disks / volumes...
0:01:12.2: Information: 0 : [Main] Starting disk metadata...
0:01:33.9: Information: 0 : [Main] Starting CoveFs...
0:01:34.2: Information: 0 : [CoveFs] Waiting for pools to mount...
0:02:34.3: Warning: 0 : [CoveFs] Timed out waiting for all pools to finish mounting. Continuing startup...
0:02:34.3: Information: 0 : [CoveFs] Waiting for pool parts to arrive...
0:02:34.3: Information: 0 : [CoveFs] All known pool parts have arrived. Continuing startup...
0:02:34.3: Information: 0 : [Disks] Updating disks / volumes...
0:02:34.7: Information: 0 : [Main] Updating free space...
0:02:34.7: Information: 0 : [Main] Starting notifications...
0:02:34.7: Information: 0 : [Main] Starting performance samplers...
0:02:34.7: Information: 0 : [Main] Starting notification tasks...
0:02:34.7: Information: 0 : [Main] Service started.

Should I try the "Reset All settings"? But I don't want to mess it up further.

Please help!

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To calm you down: If the PoolPart.XXXX... folders are still there, your data should be save in there, too. Not each file in every folder, but scattered amongst all the drives that made up the pools. You can browse them and even read the data, best done by temporarily copying the file of interest to somewhere else to make sure the originals remain unchanged. Be careful to not write to them, as this may produce version conflicts once your pool goes properly online again.

Regarding the resuscitation of your pool(s), I would wait until there is a proper fix or statement about Windows 11 compatibility or your particular problem. If you reset all settings now, chances are that it won't help but you just have to set them up again from scratch later.


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I would not see it being a issue with Windows 11 but would guess the upgrade process being a issue vs a clean install.  But only support/dev can comment on this.  And the licensing system would complain about this system change also invalidating the current license.

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Thanks all for your response.

Support did get back to me, and a simple Uninstall and Reinstall finally restored all my pools.

But the first time I ran Uninstall, the Uninstaller stalled at "Initiating..." and made Windows hang.

I had to do a hard Windows shutdown and reboot back into Windows 11 to get uninstaller to work. I guess the lesson is, do a clean reboot first before running the Uninstaller! 

Life is good again, thanks Covecube! :)

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