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Integration with Stablebit Scanner?


IN the last few days I've moved my storage spaces-based pool over to a DrivePool/SnapRaid solution, and I like it quite a bit.


I also installed Scanner, which has alerted me to some SMART warnings.  No imminent failure yet, but still not good.  


The thing is that I'm not seeing anything in the GUI that shows me DrivePool is aware of the SMART issues that Scanner found.  I thought that there was an option to have DrivePool evacuate a disk when it got a SMART warning from Scanner, but I'm not seeing anything like that in the options...not sure even where to look.


What sort of integration between the two products should I be expecting?  

arg, figures I find it right after I post the topic.  It's under the Balancers section.  Never mind!  :-)

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You want to look at the Balancer settings.

There is a "StableBit Scanner" balancer there that controls all that. By default, it only moves data out of drives marked as damaged. You can then optionally enable it to move data out in the case of "SMART warnings" as well.


And looks like you found it. :)

Don't worry, that's the way it goes. :)

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