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rearrange WHS 2011


I intend to do de following


WHS2011/6 drives connected

5 of the are joined to one by drivepool


I want to replace the C:(system) drive with a SSD

If the cloning process succeed, it will be simple.

But if not so lucky:

- If i reinstall WHS2011, can i re-atach the drivepool? and if so How?

- If the drives on the pool are connected to a different SATA port, will the pool still work?






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As for "cloning" the drive. Do you have a Server Backup? If so, pop in the installation disk, and just the SSD and server backup drive, and run the repair option. I did that to migrate to a SSD, and had no issues (even aligned it properly). Once that was done, booted from the SSD with no issues.


As for if it fails, to recover the pool, you just reinstall DrivePool and reactivate. It will immediately see the pool, and assign it the original drive letter if it can. Though, If you do have to do this, I'd recommend downloading and running the WSS Troubleshooter utility we provide. First, run the "Reset NTFS Permissions on the Pool", to get rid of the old permissions (so they won't cause issues, just in case), and then run the "Repair Pooled Shares". This will change the shared location of the default shares, and create new ones for the rest of the folders. That way, you don't have to do anything but configure the user accounts and permissions.




As for the SATA ports: yes, not a problem. Specifically, DrivePool uses hidden files (Alternate Date Streams actually) to track the disks. So moving the drives to different ports, or even different controllers should never be an issue.

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