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Scanner Balancer Priority - Unduplicated vs Duplicated files



In the Scanner balancer settings - the "move out of damaged drives" settings for both the unduplicated and duplicated files are checked by default. Never thought about this before I had a drive reporting damage - but are these given equal priority for drive evacuation? 

DrivePool has been working at evacuating the drive for about 15 hours now and the total disk usage has only dropped from about 73% to 66%.  I had just over 1TB of unduplicated files and I still have roughly the same (slightly less).  The ratio for duplicated to unduplicated was something like 3.5:1 and is not at 3:1 - so seems like DrivePool isn't prioritizing the evacuation of the unduplicated files.

I just unchecked the "move duplicated files" box in order to speed up getting the 1TB of unduplicated moved.

Since duplicated files would be replicated if/once the drive does fail or is removed - I'm assuming the "move duplicated files" option is essentially just a "duplicate now" sort of function?

Wondering if I should have just chosen to remove the drive and selected the "duplicate files later" option to speed this up?

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