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2x 250GB NVMe Drives. SSD Optimization or PrimoCache?



I have 2x Samsung 970 EVO Pro Plus 250GB NVMe drives.  I'm trying to figure out the best use for them.  Putting them in RAID0 is not an option.

I already have a SSD that I download everything to.  I would like to increase the read/write speeds and effectiveness of the pool in general.  Would using them for SSD Optimizer Balancer or using them as L2 Cache using PrimoCache be better?  Maybe one each?


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19 minutes ago, Christopher (Drashna) said:

Depends on your use case.  If you're reading a lot more than writing, than primoCache may be a better idea. 

Personally, I use SSD Optimizer, because I download a lot. New files go to the SSDs, and then are moved onto SMR drives. It works VERY well for me. 

I download A LOT, but it all goes onto a separate SSD drive.  Then once I've verified it I move it over to the pool.
It is a media server, so there is a lot of reading from multiple clients

This is what I'm trying...  I took one of the 250GB NVMe drives and gave it to PrimoCache to use on the Drivepool.
I split the other drive in two, and have half assigned as the SSD Optimizer for Drivepool, and the other half I have set up as the metadata/cache for Emby.

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