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Unusable for duplication



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I think it's a bug. 

4 disks 2 + 3 + 3 + 4Tb in size. All files are set to be dulicated. (Except very small portion in 1 folder). Only 2x duplication is used.

There are no huge file sizes like 1 or 2 Tb. Mostly photos and videos.

But somehow 1.59Tb is supposed to be unusable for duplication. WTF - it's almost the size of smallest HDD.

That happened after replacing 1 faulty disk. Before - everything was fine.

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Whenever I have problems with duplication, I go to the Settings Cog>Troubleshooting>Recheck Duplication and let DrivePool try to figure it out. Honestly, if there are duplication problems with DrivePool (like after removal of a failed HDD), it takes me a couple times running the Recheck Duplication and Balancing tasks. Last time that happened to me, it literally took a few days for DrivePool to clean itself up, but I have 80TB in my DrivePool. To be fair to DrivePool, it did fix itself given time.

I only have a few folders set for duplication in my DrivePool, so out of my 80TB pool, only about 20TB are duplicated. Also, DrivePool duplication is good for some things, but it does not ensure that your files are actually intact and complete. It is possible to have a corrupted file/folder and DrivePool is happy to duplicate the corruption. If there is a mismatch between the original and the copy, DrivePool cannot tell you which file/folder is true and which may have been corrupted.

For example, my DrivePool is mainly used as my home media storage. If I have an album folder with 15 tracks, and one or two tracks gets deleted or corrupted, DrivePool cannot tell me if the original directory is complete, if the duplicate directory is complete, or if neither copy is complete. Because of this, I now add 10% .par2 files to my folders for verification and possible rebuild. With the .par2 files, I can quickly determine if the folder is complete, if any missing or corrupted files can be rebuilt from the .par2 files in that folder, or if I have to take out my backup HDDs from the closet to rebuild the corrupted data in DrivePool.

Unfortunately, DrivePool duplication does not ensure that your data has not been corrupted. For this reason, I don't consider DrivePool duplication in any way a backup solution. It lacks the ability to verify if the original or the duplicate copy is complete and intact and cannot resolve mismatches between copies. In theory, from what I understand, duplication is mainly good for rebuilding your DrivePool if you have a HDD failure and the bad drive is a complete loss. Then, DrivePool will still have a copy of the files on other drives in DrivePool and can rebuild the failed data. That may be a great option, and of course I said I do use duplication, but DrivePool duplication still lacks any ability to verify if the files are complete and uncorrupted. For that reason, I have gone to using those .par2 files for file verification. My backup HDDs are stored in my closet.

It's not the best solution to my backup needs, but it is the best I have found for me at this point. In a more perfect world, DrivePool would have the ability to duplicate folders for faster pool recovery, and there would also be some way to verify and rebuild lost data like the .par2 files. In your case, if you have good backups of your data, I might consider turning off duplication in DrivePool, Rebalancing the pool and/or forcing a Recheck Duplication to clean up the data, and then turning duplication back on for the folders/pool as you want. But before I did that, I think I would contact the programmer directly for support and ask him for his recommendation(s).

DrivePool is a great program and data recovery is much better than other methods I have used such as RAID systems and Windows Storage Spaces. But I do run into errors like you are experiencing and I cannot always understand the corrective action to take. Mostly, I have found that DrivePool is able to correct itself with its various troubleshooting tasks, but it might take a long time on a large pool.

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By the way. Another bug. Drivepool stops duplication/rebalancing process in case some file is occupied.

I replaced faulty drive and started rebalance/duplication it in the evening.

But in the morning it had done only 2% - it stopped because I had mremoteng opened and Drivepool wasn't able to duplicate it's files. I think - it can just skip those files and duplicate all other. Later I can restart duplication and only those skipped files will need duplication/rebalancing.

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