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Memory leak on Scanner UI?



Is there an issue with keeping the Scanner UI Running? It's been running for less than a week, but I had to reset the server because it was unresponsive due to lack of memory. Server has 16GB ram UI was consuming 1.3GB



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Very likely totally unrelated, but as I moved to my 7th Mediasonic Probox and 4th asmedia eSata controller I started noticing that I had to stop and restart scanner every few hours - it just got slower and slower.  It got so bad I'd just restart scanner after the 11AM system drive backup.  Unfortunately I didn't check memory consumption.

However, 2 weeks ago I moved all my drives into a NetApp DS4243 disk shelf connected to the server via an LSI SAS2 Falcon 2008 HBA and suddenly I don't see those symptoms.  Like I say, probably totally unrelated but you never know.  How are you connecting to your drives?

As an aside, I'm delighted with the NetApp diskshelf.  Bought it on ebay for $224 and $132 shipping.  I can understand the shipping - it's built like a tank and weighs almost as much.  But it's hotswap (never had that before and didn't know how good it would be), came with 4 power supplies (it can run on one) and holds 24 3.5" drives.  I ran 2 drives per Mediasonic Probox to keep drive temperatures down.  In the NetApp diskshelf temperatures are about 2C higher than I was able to achieve with the Proboxes (when limited to 2 drives per).  More importantly, they hardly vary, whatever the room temperature is.  I'm hoping they won't break 40C once we hit the Phoenix summer.  Oh, and it's pretty quiet - certainly much quieter than 7 Proboxes.  Anyone want to buy some Proboxes? :-)

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