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Setup of DrivePool + CloudDrive to sync specific folders



Hi all,

I'm using DP since years, really happy with it. I now added CloudDrive for my various OneDrive Accounts. I read through many threads here, especially this thread: Clouddrive-forum. However I'm still confused :wacko:. I hope you can help me with my confusions and questions (my OneDrive connection is running properly and I've added the Clouddrive to my DrivePool (7 HDDs + 1 OneDrive-CloudDrive):

  1. I'd like to ensure that ONLY my music folder (need it for Cloudbeat and other Cloudplayers) - or in general a specific folder - is synced with OneDrive. What rules/settings do I need to apply that I've a copy on my Windows "NAS" (to share locally) and in my OneDrive (to access from mobile)? Happy to be pointed to any to-the-point-faq/documentation.
  2. If there is data on my OneDrive, does it get deleted when adding the OD-Account as a Clouddrive?
  3. If OD-Account data doesn't get deleted when adding to the pool, is there any change to initially sync data from OD -> local DrivePool?

Thanks for your help!




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The simplest way to do this may be: 

Add the 7x HDDs to a pool,  then add that pool, and the OneDrive cloudDrive disk to another.  

Seed the data from the local disk pool to the "hybrid" pool. 

Use the "Drive Usage Limiter" to not allow unduplicated data on the cloud drive disk, but allow duplicated data on both. 

Enable duplication for the folders that you want on the OneDrive disk. 


9 hours ago, EarlyFrog666 said:
  • If there is data on my OneDrive, does it get deleted when adding the OD-Account as a Clouddrive?

That depends on what you mean.  StableBit CloudDrive creates and uses a folder on the account that was authorized.  And it doesn't read the existing data on the provider, at all.  it stays there and isn't touched by our software.   if you want to add it to the drive, you'd have to download and copy it. 

Conversely, you can't access files placed on the drive on the provider, directly, as the files themselves are not stored there. 

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