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Plex + GDrive creating new library



Hello, I changed PC and I am creating from a new library on Plex with the content inside my CloudDrive disks, after having mounted the disk and assigning them a letter I proceeded to change the owner of the disk as you read in this Christopher procedure and then I mounted my disks inside a folder instead of assigning them a drive letter.



I noticed that the matching on Plex is extremely slow, and by extremely slow I mean that I added a folder with 3 TV series for about 127 files and an average weight of 1 GB per file and it took about 1 hour to complete the matching, I have read that it takes longer when creating a new library than when adding to an existing library, however I am starting to think that there is something wrong with my settings that I could change to speed up the process, the settings that I have adopted I found them on the forum and I think they are good for streaming (actually I have never had problems) only in the matching phase I have always found a certain slowness.

Below is the information and a screenshot of the settings
Connection: 1 GB / S symmetrical
CloudDrive version:
OS: Windows Server 2016
Cache: Dedicated SSD



Anyone have a good idea on how to change the settings to speed up the process?

Thank you all

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I see quite good plex scanning and matching behaviour, so I will describe my setup, hopefully it helps.

I have multiple clouddrives pooled together using drivepool (I don't think this affects scanning but It is worth mentioning)
My clouddrive is running in a windows server 2022 VM (Hyper-v) with 8gb of dedicated ram and 8 dedicated threads (ryzen 9 5950x)
The cache is running from (a virtual disk on-) a pcie gen 4 nvme ssd.

Each individual drive is set to the following:
Chunk size 20MB
Cache chunk size 100MB
Cache Size: 10GB Expandable
File system: NTFS
Data duplication: Pinned data only
Upload verification: Enabled
Pin directories: Enabled
Pin metadata: Enabled
Download threads: 5
Upload threads: 5
Background IO: Enabled
Throttling disabled
Upload threshold: 1MB or 5 minutes
Minimum download size: 20MB
Prefetch trigger: 1MB
Prefetch trigger time window: 30 seconds
Prefetch forward: 100MB

From these, it seems to me that either the prefetch trigger or the pinning might be the cause of the slow scanning/matching.

It is worth noting that plex now includes a feature that detects intros in tv shows (to allow you to skip them) which takes a pretty decently long time to detect, it could also be that this is what you are seeing. If you continue having issues I could share my plex settings with you as well.

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