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Should I uninstall


I have a new trial installation with 8 drives in a pool. Two of the drives managed to get duplication on them which I don't want and all of the drives have balancing controlling them which I've tried turning of cause I don't want this either. Furthermore Pool Organization stops halfway and re-measure/checking stops at 7-8%.

I just want a Pool of drives with no Duplication and no Balancing/

Can this install be repaired(how) or do I uninstall (help) and start over?



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Well, duplication can be turned off easily and DP will remove excess duplicates. Not sure how you got duplication on just two drives. Some screenshots might help.

The balancing that has occurred will be harder to revert. Why don't you want balancing?

The only reason to uninstall I can see is if you don;t want to use the software. DP itself is able to reorganise as you want.

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