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SSD overheat warning and then back to normal


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I keep getting a daily warning on a SSD I put in my system. I thought it was related some scheduled tasks on my Plex server at night because I run my VM's off this disk. Upon closer examination I receive the warning and within a minute I receive a second message saying it returned to normal. When I go in the console I never see it above 90F. Even when I did some initial copies of 100GB's or so I never seen the temp rise. Is this some weird issue with this drive or is it normal. Doesn't seem like it is really overheating. This drive doesn't give a graph in the SMART area of the temp over time either.


SanDisk SDSSDXP240G - 280.4˚F (Maximum: 158˚F)

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I see this same thing with a SK Hynix SC311 SATA SSD.  SMART details say it has never been over 44C but every once and a while I'll get an alert from Scanner that it's overheating.  Looking at the history of text messages the temp is always either 127c or 63c, so I feel safe assuming it's just be a SMART glitch or bug.  I've set the max temp override in Disk Settings to 130c.. problem solved LOL

I run an old version of Scanner for compatibility with an old USB enclosure, so I've never bothered submitting it to CoverCube.

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