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  1. I keep getting a daily warning on a SSD I put in my system. I thought it was related some scheduled tasks on my Plex server at night because I run my VM's off this disk. Upon closer examination I receive the warning and within a minute I receive a second message saying it returned to normal. When I go in the console I never see it above 90F. Even when I did some initial copies of 100GB's or so I never seen the temp rise. Is this some weird issue with this drive or is it normal. Doesn't seem like it is really overheating. This drive doesn't give a graph in the SMART area of the temp over time e
  2. If I am running Scanner on my host to monitor and scan all disks on the system, will it function properly if I have a number of disks set to "offline" to pass to a VM that is running Drivepool? Are there any downsides?
  3. Checking to make sure I understand this... Say I have 5 disk pooled as P: and have duplication turned on for this pool. Then I create a new pool from P:. Would this new pool also be protected with duplication?
  4. Thanks, that points me in the right directions.
  5. I might be switching to Backblaze for my backup. The personal version doesn't give options for folders because they want to keep it simplistic. I don't want my whole DrivePool to backup to the cloud because some stuff I don't need to. Backblaze personal only allows selections of drive letters. I have around a 10TB pool and would like to keep all my drives in a single pool. I tried doing a subpool, but you can't create 2 subpools under the top pool or am I doing something wrong? I did get the option to create another pool from the subpool, but that doesn't seem right. The other option I c
  6. Thanks, actually I bought one with a Marvel 88SE9215. No issues so far.
  7. I need 4 additional SATA ports on my new Z170 board with SMART support. No RAID. Is the Marvel 88SE9230 chipset a safe bet?
  8. I agree with nauip. Only have Crashplan backup what is on your logical Drivepool. Backing up each pooled drive would be a nightmare to piece together as you found out and you are creating extra overhead.
  9. I upgraded from 8.1 to Windows 10 a few days ago. I removed the license and uninstalled both scanner and drivepool before the upgrade. I then installed the latest betas for both. .3103 for scanner. When it ran through and checked all my disks again it unable to read 177 sectors on my WD Passport 2TB drive and 1 sector on a Seagate GoFlex 2TB drive. I tried marking sectors to scan again, but they keep coming back as unreadable. I also tried running a checkdsk /r and running a 1 pass wipe on all unused data and rechecking. I am in process now of running a scan from the WD utilities on the WD dri
  10. I hope this may help other's if you have a tricky sector that doesn't want to be fixed. I had a Samsung 2TB drive give a warning of 1 current pending sector count. I ignored the error because when it would be written again it should be reallocated and the number wasn't going up. When the file scan ran on the drive it identified one bad block. This kicked off drivepool to start moving files off the drive, which I like that feature. So I first tried doing the repair through scanner and this said it completed, but the bad block still remained. Since drivepool wanted to keep data off this driv
  11. Have you ran any memory checks? Could try running the Windows memory diagonostic tool.
  12. What antivirus are others using with Drivepool? I recently ran into some issues with Avast marking parts of drivepool install as malicious. Any feedback on other Antivirus?
  13. I had to reinstall Windows 8.1 and Drivepool is back up and running, but I don't seem to have permissions to the files. I tried using the reset utility, but it said the OS was not supported.
  14. Yes, yes, and yes. I thought though if you kicked it off manually it would scan. If it doesn't that is Ok, I just wasn;t aware. It did finish scanning overnight.
  15. I have an 2TB external drive that reported 23GB's of enreadable sectors. No SMART errors were reported. I scanned the portion again and it checked out OK. I then marked the whole disk unchecked and told it to check. I checked it the next day and it only scanned about 25%. I started it again, but it stopped scanning. I have done this a number of times and it keeps stopping. Is something throttling it? Is there a log to know why it is pausing or stopping the scan?
  16. I have a 3TB WD Red I dropped into the system. It has been on for about 70 days now. I did the first full scan at around 50 days and I have 2 count for the current pending sector. Should I be worried about this? I have read the next time it trys to write to that location it should change it to the allocated sectors. Read error rate is at 66 currently and a 6000ms spin up, but those report green. Could it just have been a small bad area and it should be ok?
  17. I created a new VM with WHS 2011 and moved the pool back in to this and all is well now except one thing... I read another post about the recycle bin and system volume information and duplication. I saw you recommended to turn duplication off. I did this and after a check today my pool is back to green status, but now it went to yellow and has a message. Only option to duplicate now or close. Duplication warning \system volume information\storageconfiguration.xml access denied
  18. When I had it on WHS 2011 inside the VM I did pass the hard drives directly to the VM that were in the pool. I usually had 3Gb of memory assigned to it as well. If I move the pool back inside the VM it will go from Drivepool version 2 to 1 alright correct?
  19. I ended up picking up that SYBA card with the marvell chipset. This has me thinking going forward maybe I should look at how I have the drivepool setup as far as where it resides. What makes the most sense... keeping it inside WHS 2011 or having the drviepool on the host Server 2008. It is easier to manage the user and shares through WHS 2011, but would I be gaining more performance moving it to the host? If I had it on the host machine then create two VM hard drives that I had duplicated... would it would probably create extra work on the hard drives because when the client backups run it wo
  20. Should I go with something from HighPoint? A 4 port model is really all I need currently. I did find a SYBA that uses Marvell, but maybe Syba build quality is not as good. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16816124064&Tpk=N82E16816124064
  21. Ok... so it feels like Murphy's law over the past weekend. I run a Server 2008 R2 box with 3 VM's currently one being WHS 2011. I had a drive failure in my pool... Ok not too bad... most my folders have duplication turned on. (I didn't have duplication on the client backup folder because I also back my PC's up with Crashplan). I also have Crashplan backing up my important folders to an external hard drive for the server. I told it to remove the drive and it it starts to check the duplication, but after leaving it overnight and returning to see only 6% I checked the drivepool task and no I/O by
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