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Another Request for a Parity App / Add on!

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Hi CoveCube team,


I'm  along time user of DrivePool and have also upgraded to Scanner as well. I love your software, and the integration together. As I gradually increase the size of my data (and disks die, etc), I am often drawn towards other data safeguarding solutions (such as ZFS RAID-Z, Synology SHR, FlexRaid and SnapRAID) as an addition to DrivePool, for potentially more efficient use of limited amount of disks, etc.

Each of the above possible solutions always has a downside:

  • ZFS only really works with same sized disks which is cost prohibitive for me.
  • SHR requires dedicated hardware or XPEnology (a possibility, but I'd need extra disks to migrate all my date, which if I had, I'd just use them in DrivePool- plus its possibly a little dubious legally as well as support wise). EDIT: and the drives cannot be moved to another system in an emergency.
  • FlexRaid doesn't exist any more.
  • SnapRAID isn't real time (and doesn't have a native GUI)
  • The first 2 options aren't windows based (which I generally prefer - hence why I use DrivePool & scanner!),

so I've never bitten the bullet and gone for any of them.

So my question is: is there any hope at all of CoveCube writing a Parity / software based raid solution that has a great GUI and integrates into your other excellent software? I'd happily pay for it, as I have done with your other software, and I'm sure a lot of others would too!

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