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How to prioritize StableBit Scanner


Never mind,

I saw I previously asked same quesion in sept 2019, and just noticed Drashna's answer.

We'll see how it goes from here.

Thanks anyway



I have Stablebit Scanner installed on 2 almost identical windows 10 pc with 10 hard drives each.

PC# 1 runs virtually 24/7 and I have no issues with it.

But PC# 2 is a mirror image backup, and it barely runs an hour a week (just long enough to receive differential backup from pc#1).

When I open Stablebit Scanner, it shows some drives as healthy but last check 29 days ago or so, and some drives are in process of being checked, but its painfully slow.

If, contrary to my preference, I leave pc# 2 running long enough that all 10 hdd show as healthy (it takes many days), they will show healthy but last checked 29 days ago.

The 64K $ question: How can I  set Stablebit Scanner to scan my drives MUCH faster ?

 Thanks in advance.


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