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What are your file copy speeds on a HDD?



Hi, I have an encrypted google clouddrive cached on a 2TB HDD.

The chache drive is F. The clouddrive is drive E.

In crystaldiskmark I get speeds on drive F about 160-190MB/s. I think thats normal, right?

But on drive E I get only about 60MB/s. In real life, when I transfer a file from a nvme ssd (which cant be the bottleneck) I get about 15-max30MB/s. So copying 100GB takes quiet a while.

Is that normal? Is it, because it has to be encrypted, before it is written? Has it somithing to do with the format of the cache drive?

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Remember that your cache drive will be used for both reads and writes. These will often be simultaneous. You should expect significantly reduced cache performance when compared to straight read or write scenarios. A lot of us suggest using an SSD as the cache, as it works much better. A smaller SSD of even 64GB or so will result in far superior CloudDrive performance over a 2TB but slower HDD.

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