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CloudDrive caching because of errors


I have three Onedrive CloudDrives that I pool together using Drivepool.  One of the CloudDrives is getting errors on Onedrive and has cached about 150GB of files.  Previously it had cached 70GB files but somehow started to upload them and cleared the cache.  Right now it is just checking the files with no new uploads.  Is there a way to have it restart uploading?  Or is it going to check all the files before doing that?  There is about 500GB on the Drivepool.

For some reason the other two CloudDrives have no problems, only this one.  The other two successfully uploaded the files.




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If the software is having issues uploading data, then there may be more data added, later, as the drive is used. 

Additionally, in the I/O Performance settings, these is an upload threshold setting that prevents uploads from occurring when there are a lot of writes. 


However, could you open a ticket at https://stablebit.com/Contact

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