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Hard drive with corrupted data freezes up during sector scan


This is related to my previous post about the lack of file scan option after the sector scan but the issue is different enough that it deserves it's own question. The drive in question has low mileage but is about 9 years old and only used to backup data. It has only a few days of power-on time. The hard drive I'm sector scanning freezes up such that drive spins down and essentially goes offline using SB Scanner. This happens at about 1/4 of the way from the start of the beginning sector. I have to start and stop the scan in order to force log scanned sectors otherwise if the scan continues, it will lock up and "forget" the scanned sectors completed up intil the freeze. SB Scanner, as a result doesn't "see" the drive once it freezes up unless I disconnect and reconnect the drive. That's about it.

I hate to mention this but I tried another software for corrupted data retrieval called R-Studio and it scans without locking up. I'm not jumping ship but I thought to mention this because I thought my drive had more than just bit flux symptoms, which may or may not be true but I want to be optimistic about the drive as it doesn't seem logical to expect harware failure having hardly any use after working perfectly well up until this point. In fact, I had no reason so suspect anything wrong with the drive as I was able to add files to it without a hitch. Those new files are fine, the corrupted data is actually a folder containing about 600GB of data. I found out about this corrupt data by just doing a random scan on all my drives. It was the only one that had corrupt data. To be honest...I really find it odd. I feel that the hard drive is actually find and I just need a low level format and rewrite the data on it again because the drive functions perfectly as long as I don't access those corrupt file. By the way, if I just used Windows copy on those files...the copy hangs but gives up and asks to Ignore, Retry, or Abort. I just chose Ignore to move on to the next file.

This is a first draft...I hope I was clear enough.

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I think I'm experiencing something similar. Stablebit Scanner can't complete its scan for one of my drives, and I recently got the following error message:

512 B unreadable (1 sectors) - The rest of the disk is still being scanned

Stablebit Scanner also fails to re-open correctly after it scans a certain portion of the hard drive. There's just a progress bar that goes on forever.

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