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Adding drives with data still showing as other


So I have a drivepool of 6 8tb drives and have 4 other 4tb drives that are all full (or almost full) of data that I want to add. 

I added the first one and then as I read on here, I moved the existing folders into the hidden folder (Poolpart.XXXXXXX) and the folders now show up under the drivepool drive. But the thing is within the drivepool program itself it still shows the drive as having 3.44TB other and 207gb free but nothing as actual pool space. 

I know I can just copy data over but we are talking about 12tb and that just takes a bunch of extra time. 

Once I have moved the data should it not be showing as drivepool data and not as other?

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I have not, didn't even think about it.

Trying it now, I imagine it will still take a little bit to finish as the pool with those drives added is not small. Just really hope it works. 

Thanks much.


Thank you thank you thank you!!! It finished the remeasure way quicker than I would have thought and that works perfectly!!


Ok so to sum this up if anyone else wants to add drives with data into an existing pool and then include that data.

  1. Add drive
  2. Stop DrivePool service - this avoids rebalancing while moving data.
  3. Move (not copy) the folders/files you want in the pool to the hidden folder (Poolpart.XXXXXXX) on the newly added drive
  4. Restart the DrivePool service
  5. Files/folders will now show up in the drivepool
  6. Run re-measure to get the drives to show space as part of the pool and not other
  7. All done and significantly faster than copying terabytes of data


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No worries.

You do want to edit the list (don't do a new post, edit the existing one). Prior to step 2, one should stop the DrivePool service. After step 2, restart the service (or reboot). This is not trivial because while you are moving files into a Pool, DP may start to rebalance.

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