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Any way to increase drive balance speed?


I recently created a pool with existing data on it, successfully added the data to the pool.

I set it to balance the drives evenly across all drives with the "Disk Space Equalizer" plugin.

I have about 16TB of data spread across a 64TB pool of 5 drives (2x14TB + 3x12TB). A bulk of the data is on two drives. I'd rather the data be spread across the drives so in event of a drive failure there won't be a 14TB drive nearly full of data it will have to evacuate compared with the data spread across 5 drives (current data pool would be a bit over 3TB per drive).

Problem is I am looking at about 11-12 minutes per 0.1% of data moved. Task Manager is showing only about 10-12MB/sec transfer speeds for the balancing. My math shows this will take over a week to balance the data. Is there any way to improve this?

I'm tempted to just delete the data and restore from backups, because that will at least transfer at average 100 MB/sec or so which would "ONLY" take about two days. But I'm hesitant to do that because I don't want to delete any full set of data if I can help it.

I have not set any duplication yet, and I don't want to set file duplication until data has been balanced either. But maybe I just do that, I'm assuming that will take priority over balancing data.

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In the UI, there is a ">>" button when it's balancing. This increases the priority, for that balancing pass. 

Alternatively, there is a way to permanently set that:

It's the "FileBalance_BackgroundIO" setting.  Setting this to "false" will use a higher priority for the balancing tasks, but may impact pool performance when it's balancing. 

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