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Synology NAS - Help please


Hello all,

I want to transition my plex media data to a new synology ds1019+ NAS, i am currently running drivepool on win 10. I still love stablebit and will use with other projects but for now i want to use this Synology nas to handle my plex media collection. Im not sure how to start this transition because the new nas will formatt the drives, so how do i hang on to my media in the drivepool(non duplicated). My main question is how do i see my RAW data, i want to know how much data i have in total WITHOUT duplication amount. In other words if i know i have 5 GB of data in my drivepool, because of duplication it will show me 10 GB of data in my drivepool, i want the number of data i have in my drivepool without duplication factored in, so i know how much space i need on another to drive to transfer it to.


Thanks i hope i was clear, please let me know if you need any further information.

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That's not exactly a simple question to answer. 

But assuming you're using x2 duplication for everything, then you'd need half of the reported space.  

And if synology lets you add one disk at a time, you can remove one pool from the disk at a time, and migrate the disks, and then the data over to the NAS, one disk at a time. 

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