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Google Drive Backup and Sync



Hi All,


I purchased drivepool about a month ago and I am loving it.

I have 44TB pooled up with an SSD cache it works great until yesterday.

I downloaded backup and sync to sync my google drive to the pool and it synced the files I needed to the SSD then the SSD moved the data to the archive drives.

Then backup and sync gave me an issue that the items are not synced and synced it again. 

It seems like backup and sync cannot sync to the pool for some reason. Did anyone else have this problem? Is this why we have clouddrive?

I am really disappointed as If i knew it wouldn't work I wouldn't have bough drivepool or I would've bough the whole package at a discount instead of buying them one by one.

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I've been having this same issue since I moved my Google Drive folder to a pooled drive. 

Every time I restart my computer (or the application), Backup and Sync behaves as if all of the files are different and "uploads" them. Fortunately, it seems that Google Drive is smart enough to detect that the files haven't actually changed as I do not see any activity on the web UI. This is annoying though as the process takes quite a while and there is conflicts for files that I actually changed. 

As a result, I decided to move my Google Drive folder to a standalone drive (along with my Plex Media Server folder).

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I didn't have a problem with using Google Drive sync (untested with stream mode, but that would defeat my purpose) with several DrivePooled SSDs until a couple of months ago when I added four more SSDs to the pool, and now sometimes Google Drive sync works for a short time, or sometimes weeks, but then inevitably always ends up having issues in such a way that the Google Drive sync program must quit and re-launch frequently, and eventually this causes crashing of the whole PC.

Yesterday I saw there were many dozens of old Google Drive sync notification icons (they disappear as you move the mouse across them) - indicating how many times the sync program has quit and relaunched itself while having issues, so I've just quit Google's sync program and configured it to not start when Windows boots for now.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do from this point forward.  I haven't had any issue with using Microsoft OneDrive (free account) with DrivePool over the last few years, but I hate to buy into two cloud solutions, as I definitely need Google's too.

I just wanted to confirm for anyone more recently who's looking for answers that this is still an issue.  I have no idea why Google Drive sync worked for me for so long and now fails very regularly.

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