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I'm new to CloudDrive and DrivePool.   So I understand that OpenDrive is an experimental provider, but I connected my account anyways to try it out.   Works fine.  Just have a question.  I'm seeing a lot of bandwidth use on the OpenDrive dashboard even though I'm not actively uploading or downloading.  Is that normal?  Is that happening with other CloudDrives?    I have my drive setup with minimal local cache.  



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On 4/16/2020 at 11:58 AM, marcaccioc said:

  I have my drive setup with minimal local cache. 

Oof.  That may be why.  Minimal cache means that it keeps nothing (or as little as possible) in the cache.  That means that any time you access data on the drive, it will have to go out and fetch it.  That leads to a lot more downloading, and more bandwidth usage. 

I would recommend setting it to expandable, and to 50+ GB.  That should help significantly, I think. 

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but i'm not accessing it at all.  left it with 70mb on it and didn't do anything with it.  I did up the cache to 1 gb.  I still saw 1gb to 2gb of traffic every day just being connected.  weird.  Wonder if CloudDrive is doing that for all cloud providers?

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