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License transfer request on OS encrypted by TrueCrypt


I have recently setup a machine running Windows 7 x64. The OS is completely encrypted with TrueCrypt. Because DrivePool doesn't play well with TrueCrypt mounted volumes, I'm using DiskCryptor to encrypt all the remaining drives. DiskCryptor decrypts the drives in-place. So a drive mapped to K: that was seen as raw/unformatted magically turns into a NTFS drive once I've mounted the drive using DiskCryptor. This two prong solution works great with Both StableBit Scanner and DrivePool. The only caveat is that I changed both StableBit services to manual so I am able to start then AFTER I mount the DiskCryptor drives. Because I wanted your Stablebit Scanner software to scan all the drives I've only rebooted the machine a few times. The machine was scanning the drives just fine yesterday. When I checked on the machine today the account had locked. Thats pretty standard so I unlocked the account and the StableBit Scanner software had the prompt about:

You license needs to be transferred to this computer (You should probably be a Your)

and a button stating "Start license transfer..."


I had seen this once before on the StableBit Scanner and had gone through the steps without thinking. This time I also went through the steps on the StableBit Scanner without too much thought. Upon completion the StableBit Scanner looked to be working normally and all the drives had finished scanning probably last night. I hadn't messed with the DrivePool software on this boot since I was waiting for the Scanner to finish it scans. I started the DrivePool service and opened the DrivePool UI and was given the same prompt:

You license needs to be transferred to this computer

and a button stating "Start license transfer..."


I'm not sure what part of the hardware you link your licensing to, but I haven't physically changed any parts in this machine since I setup the software this past weekend.


I have another machine with DiskCryptor and DrivePool and haven't seen this repeating occurrence at all. My goal with this machine is to set I up and forget about it. I won't have the convenience of logging into it on any sort of regular basis.


So, are these prompts happening because I've used TrueCrypt to encrypt the OS drive?


The ultimate question, is your software going to continue to work as intended while it thinks I need to transfer the license? Or is all functionality going to cease until the issue is addressed. If the functionality ceases until the issue is addressed, then your software will not work for the unmanaged scenario I have in place.

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Part of what we look for when we associate the license to the hardware is the system disks HDD signature. So encrypting the disk would change that and can trigger this behavior.

But this should be a one time thing. If it happens again (or repeated), that is not expected (and we agree, not desired) behavior. If this is the case, then please open a ticket at http://stablebit.com/Contact so we can see about resolving this issue.


As for the software, the Pool should remain accessible (albeit, read only, I beelive) while this happens. Otherwise, it should not interfere with the system. But as I said, if this is happening repeatedly, then this is an issue what we need to fix.



Does DiskCryptor run as a system service? If it does, then you could add it as a dependancy or the StableBit services, so they don't start until after it has.

Otherwise, there is a setting for DrivePool meant to handle "late arriving" disks (such as with BitLocker). 


Set the value of "BitLocker_PoolPartUnlockDetect" to "true".

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