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Is this right software for me?



I was using Storages paces in windows 8.1 however the lack of reblanceing has left me looking elsewhere and if i am right this is the software for me! 


I have X1-500gb X2-1TB x3-2TB and X2-4TB drives. Some of these drives are sata connected some are USB which shouldn't be an issue i assume? 


I have about 12TB of data and don't care too much about write speed or read. i was thinking of just using parity however i would like the option to add more drives in the future and also not have to worry about a corrupt windows effecting my pool of drives if i have to reinstall my windows drive.  Am i right in thinking once i start copying data it will start to rebalance or i can ask it to rebalance once i have finished?

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DrivePool doesn't care how the drives are connected. Heck, you could use IDE if you .... really had to, and StableBit DrivePool wouldn't have an issue with that.
As for your questions: yes. Basically.
We don't offer parity, but you can use products such as FlexRAID or SnapRAID in conjunction with our product to get that functionality.
As for the balancing, you can disable it, set it to run immediately, or at a specific time.



But otherwise, the features you have outlined, DrivePool sounds like a great fit.



Additionally, DrivePool features integration with our other product: StableBit Scanner. Specifically, if a drive is marked as damaged or has SMART warnings, DrivePool can clear the contents of the drive, hopefully before it fails. May be worth checking out as well.

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