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New to DrivePool, questions about Google Drive



I'm going to evaluate DrivePool together with CloudDrive. My goal is to use these two so I can work around the 750GB/day limit and in the backend I have Plex running for consuming data.
I have two GSuite accounts and mapped up two drives with CloudDrive. Currently only one of the GDrives have data on it (2TB).

I installed DrivePool and everything is setup as default and then I added the two GDrives to one pool.
My questions is; Since the pool is empty from start, what should I do from here. Copy/paste all data from GDrive to the pool drive?

And is there any default settings I should tweak or turn on/off before I start using this?

EDIT: What happens with the data if I dont wan't two drives in the future? Are you able to just delete one of the virtual GDrives and still keep all data or do I need to transfer them in some way before?



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If you have data on Google Drive that you want on the drives, then you'll need to download that data to the drives.

And if you're pooling the drives, if you decide you only want one drive, you'd want to remove that disk from the pool.  This will move all of the data off of the disk you remove.  This will take a while to complete depending on how fast your connection is, how fast data can be downloaded, how large the cache drive is, and how much data is being moved. 

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